June 19, 2024

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What should you do when there is turbulence on a plane?

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Do not panic

Turbulence during a flight is a common phenomenon and rarely results in a serious incident. But what causes it and what should we do when we experience it on a flight?

“Chaotic eddies of air”

In National Geographic they define turbulence as “chaotic and capricious eddies of air, disturbed from a calmer state by various forces.”  Usually these forces are mountains, jet streams, and storms.

Bumps that feel like falling

This can cause a sudden “bump” on the airplane that can lead us to think that we will end up colliding with the ground or the ocean. But that’s not the case and the best thing to do is to stay calm.

Yes, the obvious works: fasten your seatbelts

Sometimes the obvious is enough to deal with certain situations (and yet, we often forget the obvious): it is essential to fasten your seatbelt as soon as the crew gives the warning or we see signs of strange movements on the plane.

Banging against the ceiling and serious injuries

The sudden descent of the plane can cause the passenger to be thrown towards the roof of the cabin. On the Singapore Airlines flight this May 2024 that suffered violent turbulence, up to 30 people were injured when their heads collided with the overhead baggage compartments.

Without seatbelts we become projectiles inside the airplane

The Singapore Airlines flight (where a passenger died – he suffered from a heart condition) fell almost 2000 meters in just a few minutes. This effect, for those who are not strapped with their seatbelt, means passengers will sent flying upwards.

How many incidents like this occur?

According to The New York Times, between 2009 and 2022, 163 passengers and crew on American flights suffered injuries due to turbulence.

How should we protect ourselves

So, let’s reiterate: the only really safe thing to do is to stay buckled up. If we sleep, it would be safest to keep your seatbelt buckled and on so that we are not suddenly surprised by violent turbulence.

Above all, stay very calm

And then there is the need to stay calm. Although it seems that disaster is imminent, the plane will not end up colliding with sea water or land. Pilots know how to handle these situations, it is part of their job.

Worse now?

There are studies that indicate that climate change is accentuating the virulence of turbulence, but there is no complete scientific consensus on this matter.

You don’t have to be afraid to fly

Be that as it may, let us insist on one idea: flying is an absolutely safe means of travel and turbulence is an annoying exception to the norm.

Happy journey

You have to trust in the overwhelming technology of the devices that fly through the air and the skill of those who pilot them. And of course, fasten your seatbelt.

Source: What should you do when there is turbulence on a plane? (msn.com)

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